North Star Spirits

En ny, spännande, oberoende buteljerare baserad i Glasgow.

Iain Croucher, som tidigare var ansvarig för försäljningen av bland annat Cask Islay och Stronachie på A.D.Rattray, startade upp North Star Spirits för inte så länge sedan. Jag kontaktade Iain för en intervju. Intervjun är på engelska.

A new, exciting, independent bottlers based in Glasgow.

Iain Croucher, who was previously responsible for sales including e.g Cask Islay and Stronachie at A.D.Rattray, started up North Star Spirits not long ago. I contacted Iain for an interview.

Can you tell my readers a little about your background?
I started my booze journey working in bars in the West End of Glasgow in the mid 90's. Moved to London worked as Jamie Oliver's cocktail barman in his Fifteen Eatery. Bought A pub/restaurant with my Dad in 2003 till 2012. This is where I met Mr. Morrison from A.D. Rattray who gave me job once I sold up. From 2012 - March 2016 I was the brand ambassador and sales manager for the company. I started North Star in April 2016 with my first selection of casks I have collected over the years.

When and how did your interest in whisky begin?
Probably when I was at school, I was a Jim Morrison fan, he drank, so I did too!

Are you alone or are there more people involved in the company?
It is only me.

What has been the response to your bottles so far?
I am very lucky, the first 6 casks sold out very quickly.

What can we expect from North Star Spirits during 2017?
I will continue with my selections of single malt/single cask...maybe some bourbon...maybe some rum... anyone like cognac?

Have you tried any whisky from Sweden? If so, what did you think of it?
Yes, you guys are very good at it! Tommy and Peter at Svenska Eldvatten gave me a rather large Mackmyra in 2015, I asked for another!

Do you have anything to add?
Sorry, I don't have time, my wife is giving birth today...

Thanks for the interview, Iain, and good luck with the new family member.

The first whiskies from North Star Spirits is a sextet called Cask Series 001. It consists of a 20 year old Arran, an 8 year old Ardmore, a 26 year old Bunnahabhain, a 12 year old Port Dundas, a 20 year old Glenrothes and a 27 year old Tormore. They were all released at Systembolaget in early January 2017. It is through Svenska Eldvatten's auspices, we have the pleasure to enjoy them here in Sweden.

North Star Spirits Cask Series 001.

I have tried one of the whiskies in Cask Series 001, Bunnahabhain 26 YO. It's a really nice dram. At first I thought it was a little closed, but it opens up after 10-15 minutes and offers a lot of almond, toffee, spices, and a ounce of smoke in the nose. In the palate I find almond macaroon, sweet vanilla, caramel and a little flowery flavors. The finish is long, spicy and offers a nice, balanced and gentle smokiness.

A really nice Bunnahabhain.

This article was published 2017-01-19