Stronachie 10 YO 43%

A.D. Rattray was founded by Andrew Dewar Rattray in 1868, A.D. Rattray began trading as an importer of French wines, Italian spirits and olive oil. More importantly, however, the company also established itself as a specialist in the field of blending and storage of malt and grain whiskies. This whisky is imported into Sweden by Svenska Eldvatten
Source: A.D. Rattray

Nose: Spicy and fresh with notes of green apples, lemon and a slight hint of honey. Feels relatively young , but not necessarily in a bad way.

Taste: Soft, spicy with hints of honey, a little pepper and lots of lemon. Feels nutty and quite malty.

Finish: Very good and creamy finish. Emerge squeaky pepper notes in the finish.

Overall impression: Really nice and very affordable whisky (499 :-). I can really recommend this one!

Score 87/100

Thanks to Iain Croucher, A.D. Ratttray, for the sample.

This whisky was tested 2015-05-02