Bakery Hill Distillery is situated in Bayswater, Victoria, and was established in 1999 by David Baker who is a former food scientist. I contacted David for an interview.

Hello. Can you please tell my readers who you are?
I'm David Baker, Founder and Distiller at Bakery Hill Whisky Distillery in Melbourne, Australia.

When and how did you get involved in the whisky industry?
I first got involved in the whisky industry in around 2000, when after researching and experimenting with Single Malt, I was told that you simply cannot make good Single Malt Whisky outside of Scotland because of their air and water. This fired my desire to prove those people wrong.

In your role, what do you enjoy the most?
I would say it would be a combination of the chemical process of converting simple base ingredients into wonderful complex spirit, as well the enjoyment of working with and being involved in the exciting spririt industry in Australia.

How would you describe the house-style of Bakery Hill ?
When we first setup operations, the important task of still selection required us to have an idea on what our base end product wanted to be. What kind of whisky did we want make. Essentially our classic malt is similar to a classic Speyside malt, but with a focus on the length and depth of finish.

What is it that make Bakery Hill whisky special in your opinion?
I would say the complexity of character that you can enjoy via the smell and also on the palate. You can truly enjoy a glass and notice different flavours and textures over a period of time as the liquid reacts with heat and air.

Your three favourite whiskies that you have not been involved in?
Glenmorangie 18, Glenrothes 72, Glenfarclas 25.

Favourite moment in your whisky career?
Bottling my first cask.

Have you tried any swedish whisky? If so, what did you think of it?

Which three people would you invite for a tasting? (alive or dead)
Rowan Atkinson, John Grisham and John Lennon.

Do you have any advice for my readers?
Drink more Australian Whisky! And if you take some to a dinner party you will be sure to impress your friends.

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Thanks to David for his cooperation.