Cam och Suzy Brett har i mer än 20 år delat samma förkärlek och passion för whisky. Efter många års planering förverkligades äntligen deras dröm om ett eget destilleri. 2015 startade de upp Spring Bay Distillery på Tasmaninens östkust. Med hjälp av tasmanska korn, lokalt regnvatten som är mjukt och sött, samt kustmiljöns påverkan, så är deras förhoppning att få fram en alldeles egen och unik single malt whisky.

Jag har fått en intervju med Cam Brett. Intervjun är på engelska.

Cam and Suzy Brett has for more than 20 years shared the same love and passion for whisky. After many years of planning they finally could realize the dream of having their own distillery. 2015 they started up the Spring Bay Distillery on Tasmanians east coast. With the help of Tasmanian barley, local rainwater that is soft and sweet, and the impact of the coastal environment, is their hope to develop a very own and unique single malt single cask whisky.

How did you get involved in the whisky industry?
Over 15 years ago another business we owned began doing tours that included Lark Distillery here in Tasmania. Through these tours we were fortunate to get to know Bill and Kristy Lark and also Mark Nicholson from Lark Distillery. The support from them and others in the industry was paramount in overcoming all the obstacles to enter the industry.

Do you have any special influences in the progress of making your whisky?
At Spring Bay Distillery we are fortunate to have one of the sweetest waters available. We collect our own pure rainwater that is perfect for making whisky. Being by the sea, the influence of salt makes the water sweet rather than salty.
What is your capacity?
Our annual capacity is somewhere between 2000 and 4000 litres.
What kind of barrels do you use for your whisky?
We use all first fill American Oak (predominantly Makers Mark Bourbon), first fill French Oak (ex Port casks) and first fill ex Sherry Casks.
What can we expect your whisky to taste like? Any special attributes?

Our spirit has a sweet palate, with plenty of caramel. toffee and butterscotch.

What is it that will make Spring Bay whisky special in your opinion?
We are fortunate to have a great still that produces a very sweet spirit that when combined with our small casks gives intense flavours with long finishes. That is the benefit of single cask, small batch. The only problem is that we don't make that much of it!

Have you tried any whisky from Sweden? If so, what did you think of it?
I tried a Swedish malt at a Whisky Live event and from memory enjoyed it very much.

Which is the absolute best whisky you ever tasted?
I am a big fan of Springbank (including their Longrow Red), I like their commitment to quality over quantity.
Finally, do you have any advice concerning whisky to share with my readers?

Don't leave your good whiskies on the shelf - share them with friends as often as you can.

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Thanks to Cam for his cooperation.